Stories About P.C. Kuruvilla Branch (Puliyalakkal)


Shocking News of the Untimely and Sudden Death of Chellammakochamma (Puliyalackal)

Sad news. Chellamma passed away at about 8. 30 pm.(Saturday, 1-20-01) She was not keeping well for some time.

Few years ago she had undergone By-pass surgery along with Mitral valve dilatation surgery.Recently she developed block in another Valve[Aortic] and went into Cardiac failure with swelling of the body with fluid collection. She was in the caritas hospital for 2 weeks .

She was much better when she was discharged about 10 days ago. She was fairly well for about a week after discharge, but developed severe loss of appetite and vomitting. I and Baby went to Ernakulam today and saw her. Since her blood urea was high, we moved her to Caritas hospital this evening.

As you know she was severely diabetic. She was brought here at 5 p.m and was given I.V fluid to correct dehydration and electrolytes.

Kunjamma, Joykutty, Roy were there at the time of admission. Roy went back to Ernakulam at 6.30 P.M. At 7.15 P.M she developed sudden cardiac arrest. We succeeded to resucitate her and was put on a ventilator. After 10 mins the heart arrested again and we were not able to resucitate her.

Since her condition was fairly good at the time of transfer from Ernakulam, on my advice, Kunjachen did not accompany us. He is expected to come to Kottayam shortly, then we will keep the body in the morturary.

The funeral has been fixed tentatively on 24th Januray 2001 at Ernakulam after the arrival of Sheila from Muscat and Sheeba from Madras.


With a heavy heart, I have learned of the shocking news of Chellammakochamma's death. One of the problems of living far away from home is that we often do not learn of the complications our dear ones undergo and so news such as this become very shocking.

I was hoping to see Chellammakochamma during my proposed visit to Kerala in April. Last time I saw her (3 years ago), she looked quite healthy and alyan was recovering from health related problems. We had a bountiful lunch at her house.

Chellammakochama had been a hero to the second generation, as she was the first to go out to the middle east (Used to be known as Persia to us when we were growing up.)

I have never seen Chellammakochamma without her characteristic smile that fills her face. She was full of love and affection  She was very special to all of us and we are going to miss her dearly.


A Tearful Farewell By Family and Friends to Chellammakochamma

Here is a description of the funeral by Kunjuppappan:

Jacobkutty, Sheela and Rajeev arrived on wednesday 23rd .Sheeba and Dicky arrived on the the previous day . On 24th Roy, Rajeev,Sheela and Dicky came to kottayam at 9am . The body was dressed by the sisters in Carithas hospital.

A good crowd from our and Kunjachen's family and some of our friends were waiting outside as the body was brought into the prayer room.The hospital Director said the prayers according to the Roman catholic rites. This was followed by the prayers led by the Orthodox Theological seminary Vice- principal Fr. Jacob kurian from Mannathippara, Kothala.

We left Caritas hospital at 10.30 am. and reached Ernakulam at 12. 20 am. A very large crowd consisting of family, friends, relatives and members of the business community attended the prayers at the residence and in the cemetery led by 2 Bishops and several priests.

Kunjachen and Chellamma have large number of friends. Chellamma was well known for her kindness and love and affection shown to the less fortunate members of the community. While thanking the people who had assembled at the residence I read the passage from the pullolical family website about Chellamma.