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Shocking News
Kangazha Thampy Passes Away

It is with great regret and shock that I must convey the news of the untimely death of Kangazha Thampy, son of P.C. Punnoose. He died from complications of lungs at Karithas Hospital on Thursday night, October 3, 2002. The funeral was held at St. Mary's Church, S. Pampady. 

Thampy and myself were of the same age. (He was actually 2 months senor to me. This was a point of confusion because most people thought I was senior as I was 1 year ahead in the school. This happened because Kangazha Ammachy won't part with Thampy when he was young and refused to send him to school. So, he ended up joining the school one year later.)

Thampy was a brilliant person. He had top marks in school. (He studied at MGM High School Pampady.) He joined Mar Ivaniose College Trivandrum for Pre-degree. Jacobkuttichayan (K.P. Jacob, Houston) told me the story of how he got admission there. Jacobkuttichayan was working at Trivandrum at that time. He took Thampy to the college for Interview. Thirumeni, who was conducting the interview asked Thampy who brought him there. Thampy answered, it is my cousin. Thirumeni asked him to explain what a cousin was. Thampy answered:

"A cousin is the son or daughter of the brothers or sisters of my father or my mother."

I don't think the translation to English fully justifies the quote. But this showed the detailed and precise orientation of Thampy. He got admission into the college right away!

I especially feel a great loss at the passing away of Thampy. He was a great friend to me as we were very close in age.  He was also one of the very few to whom my father was the godfather.

Thampy, we all will miss you. We extend our condolences to Alice and Thampy's children.

Jacob Mathew


How Did That Happen?
By Dr. George Jacob

[Editor's Note: Due to a server problem, the emails written by Kunjuppappan were not sent out in time. So, we received the description what happened to Thampy after his death. I felt that for those who did not know the details, this will be helpful]

September 29, 2002:
Kangazha (Punnachayan's) Thampi had a serious set back in his health. He is a chain smoker with chronic Bronchospasm. While walking to Moolapeedika on 27th Sept. he developed acute respiratory failure. He was taken to MGDM hospital, Kangazha and was put on a ventilator. Shibu and Kolathamackal Babu had spent some hours with him in the night. Next day, we moved him to Caritas hospital as the facilities in MGDM Kangazha were far from satisfactory. Today, he was taken off the ventilator. Though he is conscious he is not able to communicate because he has developed a stroke affecting speech and paralysing his right upper arm.
Chest infection must have been responsible for the acute respiratory failure.

October 1, 2002
There is a serious complication. He became unconscious this morning ,the reason for it is not clear. An extension of the stroke is suspected. He has been put back on the ventilator. The chances for his survival seems to be remote. I have alerted his wife Alice, daughter Asha, son Anil, and his brother Baby.