We Lost Another One of Our Pioneers

Dear Family members and friends:

It is with very heart that I am passing on the news of Kariachenappappan going to his heavenly abode. Although, he had been hospitalized and was not doing well, I was encouraged by the last news from Kunjuppappan that he had been smiling at all visitors and doing better. I really thought Kariachenappappan will pull out of this one (a belief reinforced by the fact that I had asked HG Mathews Mar Severios, who was visiting Cleveland last weekend, to pray for Kariachenappappan specially.)

Well, God answers prayers. But sometimes the answer is no. That is why we pray, "Thy will be done." On rational thinking, Kariachenappappan and God had timed his departure from this temporal home to everlasting life perfectly. He didn't have to suffer unnecessarily in this world. And he took away the mental anguish of Kunjuppappan who wanted to leave to Italy to attend Priya's engagement; but at the same time really do not want to leave Kariachenappappan in this condition. We Christians pray for a good death, because death is inevitable. And Kariachenappappan got one as his reward for his hours of prayers and for his deep faith in God. As Kunjuppappan said, "the timing was perfect." As in life, he didn't want to inconvenience anyone.

Kariachenappappan has gone to his permanent home to be with Ammachy, Santhammakochamma, Achachy and all his other brothers and relatives who has preceded him. I can see a welcoming line forming there. 

So, Kariachenappappan, we are really going to miss you. The man of few words and lot of smiles. I am really sorry that I cannot attend your funeral. But we will all be there in our thoughts.


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Kariachayan Has Left Us
By Dr. George Jacob

Kariachayan passed away at 0800 this morning (Thursday, June 19, 2003). He became out of contact with the surroundings last night. In the morning he developed breathing difficulty , drop in the blood pressure followed by fall in the oxygen saturation in the blood despite oxygen administered under pressure and died. Vima and Visu were with him at that time.

I saw him at 0700 came home to telephone Dilip and others. Baby and I reached hospital a minute after his last breath. The end was timed so well that no one was inconvenienced.

The funeral will be at 10 am at our family church. The body has been taken to Puliyala house where Kariachayan had lived and will be kept there for few hours Later it will be moved to our Tharavadu house {Shibu] at kothala where the body will remain till the funeral. 

Areeparambil Thirumeni [Bishop] will conduct the funeral services.