P.C. Mathew Family, Kothala

Seena's Graduation

Seena on Kenyon College Calendar

Kenyon College Calendar for October 2001 features a full page picture of Seena 
(picture shown above reduced in size)

Meena's Account: Joy of Parenthood!

Nitika laughs more than she cries-- delayed [few seconds] feeding and pottying is her off times. Mohan feeds her with such precision that she has to finish the entire 4 ounces of the milk. Most of the time she is sleeping by the near end of it. Nitika talks in ahs, ohs and expresses herself pretty well. So carrying and walking around is made to understand to whoever is standing close by.. We took her to church and she joined in the closing Amen with a similar ayeeeeee as what was taught to her by Karun [manus son].

I come late to the office and sit thro till 3--4 and then off to being momma. Siestas and lunch-out is off for some time. Mohan is ready to take the day off anytime- to babysit- hope this ethusiasm lasts !!!!

Congratulations Mohan and Meena!

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