Kolathammackel (Kanjirappara) Family

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Philip Andrews, Kolathammackel Passed Away

It is with profound sorrow that we report the passing away of our dear Kunjichayan (Philip Andrews, Kolathammackel) on Thursday, July 13, 2000).

As was reported earlier, Kunjichayan was hospitalized with medical complications. He had recovered and was released. He developed subsequent bleeding which could not be controlled. He died as a result.

Kunjichayan was the first to die in his generation from Pullolickal family and it certainly was a shock to learn of his untimely death.

With Kunjichayan's demise, some fond memories about him in the early days remain as memories. I can recall the time, he was studying in Manipal. He used to stop at Kothala house to see Ammachy whenever he passed through the place. Later, he got married and they will still stopover with Lillykuttykochamma. In the early days, Ammachy used to touch Lillykuttykochamma's abdomen asking in Malayalam, "Mol, do you have anything?" If LIllykuttykochamma was embarrassed, she didn't show it hiding under that smile. And kunjichayan would be smiling too!

Last time I visited him, he had just got a letter from his sons from the US and he was very happy and thrilled talking about them!

Kunjichayan, we will all be missing you. But we know you will have good company visiting appachen and others who have gone ahead of you to prepare the place for you. And you will be waiting there for us.

Thank you for the memories.