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Areeparambil Ammachy Passed Away

It is with profound sadness that we report the death of our beloved Areeparambil Ammachy (Muriankel Sosamma Thomas). She has passed away in her sleep at her residence in Areeparambu on Thursday, May 6. She had not been doing well lately.

Ammachy had been a very important part of the modern Pullolickal family. She had played a key role in helping the family after the death of our grandfather, and while all the kids were very young. This had endeared her to everyone in the family. I remember with fondness, spending many days in the "old house" in Areeparambu, as I was the "Federal Express Courier Service" in those days shuttling from Kothala to various other houses transporting gifts and other items as requested by our grandmother. Although it was a 5-6 mile trek, I used to get good treat at the end, so I used to look forward to those visits.

A trip to Areeparambil is always memorable. In the old days, it was the haven for pineapples - rows and rows of pineapples growing in between rubber trees. In my first trip to see Ammachy after my marriage, we were greeted by the heaploads of pineapples on the way. Shila wanted to buy some and I told her that we will get it from Ammachy. Well, I went inside the house told Ammachy that we want some pineapples. Ammachy was very sad. She told me that they have sold all the pineapples on contract and cannot pick any. But she told me to stop by a particular place, managed by other members of Muriankel family, and tell them to hand pick few for us. We sure did on the way back. I tell you, even to this day, I haven't tasted a sweeter pineapple since that time. Naturally, plant ripened, mouth watering. Step aside all Hawaiian Pineapples!

When I was visitng Kerala last time around (about 3 years ago), I had unusually made about 4 or 5 trips to Areeparambil, probably to recover from the death of my own father at that time. Perhaps my inner conscious told me to spend all opportunities to be with her as that was my last time. Ammachy was so loving and so affectionate. Her brothers were her life. I was told that at the time when Chackochenappappan's body was brought home, she went to the coffin and told everyone around her, "Ningal onnu marikke. Koodappirangal onnu kanatte." (Please move aside. Let us brothers and sisters see him.) That was Ammachy.

Since we, as Christians, believe that death is not the end, but the beginning of the eternal life, I am sure that Ammachy is today had her reunion with Amma, Appachen, Pulialackal Appachen, Punnachenappachen, Achachy, Chackochenappappan, Muriankel Appachen and her "Nathoons".

May God protect her under His wings, like an eagle protects its offsprings. She deserves nothing less.

[Prepared by Raju, webmaster]

What Pengal (Sister) Meant to Me
by Dr. George Jacob

Areeparambil Pengal was a mother to me. In my childhood I received all the basic care from her as Ammachy was very busy with other matters.I used to spend every other weekends at Areeparambu during my schooldays enjoying the good food and hospitality .Shoulder load of materials were carried by me in both directions.Pengal and us enjoyed her occasional stay with us at Kottayam. With the death of Pengal, a chapter was closed bringing great sorrow to me and Baby kochamma.

Story as it appeared in Malayalam Pathram, NY
May 24, 2000


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