Pullolickal Charitable Trust

A letter to all Pullolickal Family Members from Dr. George Jacob announcing the trust.

With the loss of Areeparambil Pengal, there are only 4 members of the first generation remaining in our family. All of them are above 70 years in age.

When I look back, I appreciate how God has been gracious in blessing our family. When we lost our father at the age of 45, Kuruvilechayan (P.C. Kuruvilla) was in his early twenties. Our property was uncultivated and we were under big debt. Kuruvilechayan (P.C. Kuruvilla), Punnachayan (P.C. Punnoose) and Mathachayan (P.C. Mathew) discontinued their studies, took up farming and businesses (Punnachayan) and steered the family out into its glorious present. The major contribution to our success was made by Ammachy through her prayer and hard work. Many of you may not know that everyday she used to cook lunch for 25-30 laborers and milk 7-8 cows in addition to taking care of the members of the family. Areeparambil Pengal was beside her in those days taking care of the younger siblings. The efforts and sacrifices made by those paid off. We can be proud of the accomplishments of our family, as a whole. Our members are well educated. Several members of our family have started successful businesses or hold key positions in different parts of the world: India, USA, UK, and Persian Gulf countries.

As a mark of the memory of Achen (Kuruvilla Chacko) and Ammachy (Mariamma Chacko) and other pioneer members of the family, it was unanimously decided in a recent family gathering in our family house ("Tharavadu") at Kothala, to establish a charitable trust. The objective of the trust is to help the members of the community around us financially or otherwise. Financial help could be offered in education, medical aid, helping in marriages, etc. The members have also suggested that the trust be set up in the form of a perpetual endowment. The expenses and contributions from the fund be made only from the interest received from the fund keeping the capital intact. However, this requirement may be waived in the first five years, as we may not have enough funds in place to make a meaningful impact using only the interest. It was further suggested that we allocate as much as 25% of the total disbursements from the trust in the name of Areeparambil Pengal (Sosamma Thomas) recognizing the special contributions she has made.


We estimate that we need to fund the trust with at least Rs. 3 lakhs. The expected annual interest from this amount is about Rs. 30,000 at the current interest rates. This is the minimum we need to make any meaningful contribution. The typical cost for funding the types of activities expected to be funded by the trust are:

The trust will be funded by the contributions received from all members of the Pullolickal family in India and abroad. The expected minimum contribution from the Pullolickal family members is as follows:

Residents of India

Senior Members Rs. 15,000/-
First Generation Members Rs. 10,000/-
Second Generation Members Rs. 5,000/-

Members Residing Abroad

First Generation Members US$1,000/-
Second Generation Members US$500/-

In order to minimize any financial hardship, those who have to make large initial contribution may do so in two or three bi-annual installments. If you can make the full payment immediately, that will help us get this project going asap.

In addition to this, we encourage all our members to make contribution to the family trust on special days and occasions: such as on birthdays, marriages, Christmas, wedding anniversary or other occasions you feel thankful for. This will be a great way to channel our charitable gifts to the needy without having to worry about the contributions going to the wrong people. It is our mission and we should do in a fashion that we can all be proud of it.


The trust will be managed by a committee selected by the family members in family meetings. Those who cannot attend the meetings physically will be given opportunity to participate through the internet via our Pullolickal family website. Kuriachayan (P.C. Kurian) has been formally selected as the managing trustee.

I am writing this to each of you to help in forming the trust. You may send your contribution to me at:

Dr. George Jacob
Perumbaikadu P.O
Kottayam 686028
Kerala State

Email: gjacob@vsnl.com

Foreign checks can be made payable to: Shibu Mathew

All the activities of our trust will be reported in our pullolickal family website which can now be accessed at www.pullolickal.com

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Dr. George Jacob