Pullolickal Charitable Trust

A meeting of the Family trust was held on the week of November 9-15, 2003 at Kothala. About Rs. 30,000/ was disbursed last year from the Trust fund.

Trust inauguration

Contributions Received as of April 16, 2001

A letter to all Pullolickal Family Members from Dr. George Jacob announcing the trust

Explanatory Letter From Dr. George Jacob Regarding Pullolickal Family Trust - Does naming one person in the trust has the effect of grading the contribution of others or belittle their share? No, says Dr. George Jacob in this letter.

Priya's Letter to Dr. George Jacob Accompanying Her Contribution

Correspondence from Dr. George Jacob.

Pullolickal Charitable Trust Inaugurated 
on April 15, 2001.

Another great milestone for our family.

In a meeting filled with emotion and pride, Kolathammackel Ammachy, the senior-most member of the P.K. Chacko side of the Pullolickal family, officially inaugurated the trust by lighting a lamp at the Tharavadu house in Kothala. Perhaps this simple action will pave the way for lighting the path for future generations, by the action of the present generation that was not too bashful in discovering new frontiers.

Pullolickal Charitable Trust is Now Officially Registered 
(Mar '02)

Poor Students Benefit From the First Disbursement from the Pullolickal Family Trust

In a meeting of the Pullolickal Family Trust  at Kothala House on Sunday, June 16, 2002, several students received educational assistance from the trust fund. Several students from the CMS LP School, Kothala, only 2 blocks from the ancestral house and where several of us studied, will receive cash awards to to help with their education. A nursing student also was selected to receive monetary help. Minister K. M. Mani handed over the awards from the trust. This culminated the long dreams we all had in helping poor people near our homes.